Psychology of computer programming. Gerald M. Weinberg

Psychology of computer programming
ISBN: 0932633420,9780932633422 | 299 pages | 8 Mb

Psychology of computer programming Gerald M. Weinberg
Publisher: Dorset House

I wrote the first draft of The Psychology of Computer Programming. From this, arose the idea of teaching Concepts of programming languages first. This landmark 1971 classic is reprinted with a new preface, chapter-by-chapter commentary, and straight-from-the-heart observations on topics that affect the professional life of programmers. The Psychology of Computer Programming: Silver Anniversary Edition. Gerry was one of the programming gurus of the 70's and his book The Psychology of Computer Programming is based on a system of peer reviews and aims to take the negative aspects of “ego” out of programming. ThoughtWorkers pitched in with their books recommendation and we ended up getting a great collection of books. (You might want to look at The Psychology of Computer Programming, written before most of these languages were invented, or their inventors were even born. Computational thinking influences fields such as biology, chemistry, linguistics, psychology, economics and statistics. In fact, a successful reduction is merely translation from a high-level language (like psychology) to a low-level language (like a computer programming language), without any loss of detail. The psychology of computer programming. It is a fantastic resource if you are trying to compare programming the end, anything not worth doing is not worth doing fast. Is an excellent book by Jerry Weinberg. The Computer Language Benchmarks Game is a collection of 429 programs, consisting of 13 benchmark reimplemented across 33 programming languages. Psychology of Computer Programming book download Download Psychology of Computer Programming Weinberg. Prospective students who searched for 10 Sources for Free Computer Programming Courses Online found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages. John Grinder, a linguistics professor at the University of Santa Cruz, and Richard Bandler, a mathematician, computer programmer and psychology student, received a grant to examine the attributes of excellence. As pedagogy, I would consider it the re-application of Constructivist principles to the learning of Programming Languages and teaching of Computer Science in the age of the Internet. We recently got new technical books for our office library. This is just a quick quote from the course description of a ten year old course in Cognitive Psychology and Computer Programming at the Texas A&M: Computer. Computer Science is a discipline. Triggered by Elisabeth I had an eye on stuff while starting to read The Psychology of Computer Programming only recently – yeah, I didn't read all of Jerry's books so far. Long time since I wrote any blog..

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